TRUBLUE, Auto Belays

An auto belay is an automatic belay device that eliminates the need for a human belayer. TRUBLUE uses a patented self-regulating braking system, which is enabled by non-contacting magnetic braking technology. The auto belay takes up slack as the climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber reaches the top or in the event of a fall.

Incorporating TRUBLUE's braking system into your facility provides you many unique benefits, such as:

  • Engineered and tested to meet international safety standards
  • Braking resistance adjusts automatically to suit the weight of the climber, providing a smooth descent
  • There are no wearing or sacrificial wear parts in this magnetic non-contacting system
  • The braking system is engineered to eliminate the need for a clutch bearing, which is a key potential point of failure in previous and current modular auto belay designs
  • The auto belays are simple to install and easy to relocate
  • Maintenance requirements and costs are minimal